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Church@Home Registration and Hosting Form

How can we be the church while enduring a global pandemic, praying for an end to racial injustice and systemic poverty, and managing the challenges of daily life? For all of us, the gathering of our church community on Sunday mornings offers a balm to the heartaches of this world. We recognize that virtual worship has continued to offer a sense of connection, but many of us still desire a deeper experience of community. We’re excited to announce that a reopening of our sanctuary is scheduled for Reformation Sunday, October 25. Since attendance will be limited and some may not yet be ready to return, I began to ask – is there another way to continue to foster the richness of our worshipping community in a COVID-19 safe environment? Is there even a way that we can grow and share our ministry with new people?

After a time of prayer and visioning, we’re excited to also offer Church@Home. This is a worship initiative to promote small, safe weekly gatherings in the home of a volunteer host to watch the Sunday morning livestream, enjoy fellowship together, and build community with each other. Church@Home gatherings could be with an established small group or a new group of First Pres friends. We envision this as a fresh, new way to strengthen our worshipping community and grow our presence in the community. We can’t wait to see how God uses this opportunity to invite all generations into a growing life with Jesus Christ. More details will be shared in upcoming weekly emails, including ways to register and information about hosting. Connect with me if you have any initial questions.

– Kedrick Armstrong, Director of Music and Worship Experience

"First Pres is my extended family. The family side with whom I want to share joys and concerns, lean on when I need to, or will pick me up when necessary. It's where my faith has matured and where I can grow in a stronger and deeper faith."

Georgia H.