Staff, Elders, & Deacons


Dr. Kellen Smith

Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

630-668-5147 x 31 / email

Greg Anderson


Tammy Brokaw

Office Manager

630-668-5147 x 10 / email

Chandra Gravit

Director of Preschool and Family Ministry

630-668-5147 x 33 / email

Scott Rice

Building Facility Manager

630 668-5147 x 11 / email

Caryn Andrews

Communications Coordinator

630-668-5147 x 17 / email

Beth Spiegel

Financial Manager

630-668-5147 x 18 / email

Jess Coffey

Music Ministry Assistant


Tanya Downing

Wedding Coordinator

630-668-5147 / email


Elders are chosen by the congregation and serve on the session with the pastors to lead, govern and provide for worship, working to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation.

Dr. Kellen Smith

/ Moderator

D. Matthew Stremel

/ Clerk

Steve Van Oss

/ Treasurer

Amy Bab

Dave Chiesa

Emily Herndon

Andy Leonard

Agnes Kenton

Justin Mead

Michael Rohl

Annette Shoemaker

Robbie Spehr

Dan Spiegel

Steve Van Oss

Luke Widmer


Deacons provide an assertive ministry of sympathy, witness, service, and prayer following the example of Jesus Christ, responding to individual needs, joys, and concerns of our congregation and extending the hand of Christian fellowship to our community and the world. Contact the church office at 630-668-5147 to find out who your deacon is.

Sher Kirschbaum

/ Moderator

Deb Beccasio

Polly Berry

Pam Bienduga

Megan Chapman

Stacy Chojnacki

Rich Clark

Lindsay Cochrane

Ashley Daly

Patricia Davidson

Ryan Frenk

Bev Gleich

Joe Holmes

Susan Hull

Kate Hinson

Betty Joseph

Susan Keller

Mary Kinsey

Jeanne Kovanda

Anth Lechiara

Julee Lockard

Colleen Powell

Cullen Miller

Kathy Nickell

Debbie Queen

Kathryn Sneed

Margit Spires

Angela Stephenson

Linda Stephenson

Janet Stoll

Tracy Stollberg

Beth Stremel

Debbie Veal

"At the end of the day, what I care about most is knowing my child is encouraged, supported, cared for and loved."

Erin Y.