Mission Opportunities

Serving With Abundant Compassion

Contact the church office for more information about mission opportunities.

Feeding the 5000 - Mission Accomplished!
Supporting our local food pantry partners
We had an ambitious goal of collecting 5,000 food items/funds. Not only did we reach that goal ... we surpassed it! The combination of food items and financial contributions received totaled 6,521. These gifts for the People’s Resource Center and Interfaith Food Pantry are a huge blessing to help feed hungry families in our community, especially in this time of need. We did it…but we really know that God did it. Thank you to our church family for your joyful generosity!

Meal Team Ministry
Would you be willing to offer meals to church families in need? We are looking for volunteer cooks to be on our Meal Team list. When the team hears about someone’s illness, surgery, new baby, etc., we offer them meals. As a volunteer cook, you’ll receive an e-mail with information about dates, dietary needs and addresses. If you are able to furnish a meal for that family, you simply respond to the email and sign up for a particular date. Almost a 100 meals have been provided to First Pres families so far this year. Contact the church office .

Roseland "Good News" Day Care Center
We are currently collecti ng formula and baby food as well as diapers and wipes for Ms Pearl. Bring your items to the Rotunda coat room marked Ms Pearl.

"Both of us have enjoyed meeting others in adult education classes and in Faith Builders."

Bob and Sue H.